Winsted Dental

Kenneth D. Ness, DDS
Todd A. Brewer, DDS
Charles E. Toews, DDS

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Cosmetic Dentistry

We use a variety of up-to-date techniques and materials, and are able to restore/create a winning smile.


Before After


Before After


Before After


Before After

Fractured Teeth

Before After

Various Patients

Before After

Closed spaces and eliminated discolored area.

Space closing and revitalizing discolored and worn teeth.

Changed the shape and the color of teeth with veneers.

This is an adult who wanted straighter teeth and a nicer smile. The after picture was taken 6 years later.

Before and after treatment with braces to correct teeth that are crowded and in cross-bite. (note the lateral incisors are behind the other front teeth and bite on the wrong side of the lower teeth.